Sharp World Clock Displays Time from Multiple Global Cities

Sharp World Clock is an advanced and stylish clock for Windows users that can display a number of clocks on Windows desktop. Each of these clocks can be made to show the current time for any city in the world. All of these clocks are analog in design. In addition to displaying the current time, these clocks also display the current day and date, flags of the countries and the weather information.

By default Sharp World Clock shows six clocks for New York, London, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo and Canberra. You can add more clocks and change the location for any of these clocks. Adding new clock or changing location is very easy as it shows a huge list of all the continents and all the main cities in them. You can also choose a location from an interactive world map.

Sharp World Clock

As previously mentioned, these clocks are displayed on your desktop but you can hide them when not really needed. When hidden, you can still check global times by right-clicking on the notification area icon for Sharp World Clock. In the right-click menu from the notification area icon, you can center-position all the clocks, show or hide them and change their settings.

Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock also comes with a time converter and meeting planner. Using these tools you can examine and compare the time in different places in a graphical manner. You can plan a meeting at a suitable time when it is day time in all the world cities.

Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock is a really useful tool for professionals who have to collaborate with others from all over the world. You can easily check the time in many different global cities and plan a meeting at a time without making any mistake.

You can download Sharp World Clock from