FotoKilof is Open-Source GUI Frontend for ImageMagick

FotoKilof is a GUI front-end for the popular image manipulation software ImageMagick. If you do not know already, ImageMagick is a mammoth when it comes to creating, editing, converting, resizing, rotating and performing other image editing operations. It supports a large number of image file formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, SVG and more. It even supports the relatively new image format HEIC.

Unfortunately, ImageMagic is more of a command line software that works the same in Windows, Linux or macOS. There is also an iOS version available for people who have iPads and iPhones. Since it is a command line software, many people are turned off and finally end up installing GIMP.

But now there is another open-source software called FotoKilof that works as a GUI front-end to ImageMagick. The download package for FotoKilof comes with all the files you will need including the ImageMagick files. You can just unpack it and launch “FotoKilof.exe” from there. It is actually a Python program but Python files are also included.


The user interface has everything one would expect from ImageMagick. On the top, you can select image files. On the left, you can select various tools for different image operations like resize, crop, rotate, border, add text, colors, etc. The options for tools you have selected appear next to them. On the right side, it displays a preview of the original image and the edited image.

The user interface is horizontally very long and looks great on an ultra-widescreen monitor. On smaller screen devices such as a laptop, you may have to adjust the program to display everything. Since it is based on Python, it might not be as fast as some other graphics editors programs like but it is really good for saving and loading the same set of image operations for later use.

You can download FotoKilof from

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