ZOC : Terminal Program with SSH, Telnet, Serial, and Rlogin Support

ZOC is a terminal emulator program and Telnet client that supports many different types of connections such as Rlogin, Telnet, Secure Shell, Serial Cable, Serial Modem, Serial port, Telnet SSL and more. It comes with support for both Windows and macOS. This program has some automation features that can make life so much easier for the people who have to use these types of connections on a daily basis.

ZOC has a tabbed user interface. You can open multiple tabs and dedicate each tab for a new connection. The connections themselves can be opened quickly using the quick connection window. In this quick connection method, you have to specify the target address and port, a connection type (such as Telnet), an emulator (such as Xterm or VT100) and it will open the connection in the current tab for you.


It comes with full file transfer support using which you can upload or download files to a connected server. All the different servers and protocols have different command sets to download or upload files. ZOC helps file transfer just by selecting the appropriate menu from the menubar instead of manually giving the commands through the terminal.


ZOC extends the capabilities of the terminal program and Telnet emulation by allowing the users to automate various actions. It supports REXX programming language which is easy to learn. You can also record your actions in form of REXX script without having to type in any REXX instructions. In addition to REXX, ZOC also supports DDE.

While there are free SSH and Telnet clients such as PuTTY available, ZOC is considered to be popular because of a large number of features that it offers. It is particularly useful when handling smaller devices such as modems, routers, or smartphones that support serial data connections.

You can download ZOC from https://www.emtec.com/zoc/.