Grids Helps Use Instagram App on Windows PC

Instagram offers many apps for mobile devices like your smartphone. There are Instagram apps for iOS and Android and then there are ordinary apps as well as light version of the same apps. Instagram can also be used from your web browser on your desktop computer. But if you want to have an app like experience on your Windows PC, then you can try the Grids app for Windows.

The Grids app gives you access to all the features offered by Instagram unlike some other apps. You can use the Grids not only on your Windows PC but also on a Mac. The app does not beat around the bush but takes you to the Instagram login as soon as you launch it. However it is not a real app that needs permissions to access your Instagram account. Instead, it is like using a web browser to access your Instagram account. The login is saved unless you manually logout before closing the Grids app.


The user interface of the Grids looks very much like the Instagram app you are familiar with on your smartphone. The news feed is displayed in a grid pattern on the start screen. If you move the mouse over it, you can see who posted the picture and like or comment on the picture. You can also switch to many different types of layouts such as brief, square, vertical or horizontal. In addition to the news feed, favorites, nearby posts and popular posts can be viewed. You can also switch to the full-screen mode if you want by pressing the F11 hotkey.

The Grids application is not free. You can use it in the trial mode for 14 days after which you have to buy a license for unlocking the Pro version. You can use the paid Pro version for an unlimited number of days.

You can download the Grids from