GoFullPage : Full Page Screen Capture for Chrome Browser

There are times when you want to save a webpage on your local hard drive. It could be important email message or instructions about how to fix your motorbike. Whatever it is, you can use an extension called GoFullPage for Chrome browser to save the entire webpage with its full length in form of an image.

GoFullPage extension for Chrome browser can capture the browser screen when a webpage is open in one of the tabs. It can capture the webpage by scrolling it down from top to bottom. The captured webpage can then be exported in form of a picture and saved on your local storage drive.

After the installation of GoFullPage extension in your Chrome browser, you can either click on a new icon that appears in the browser toolbar or you can use a hotkey Alt+Shift+P. As soon as this is done, the extension kicks into action and starts to take a screenshot of the currently open webpage in the active tab.

GoFullPage for Chrome

It shows some animation for a while when taking the screen shot of the webpage. During this process the webpage will scroll from up to down. After this the screenshot is opened in an in-built editor. From here you can download the screenshot as an image, as a PDF document, or edit and annotate the screenshot image before saving it.

GoFullPage for Chrome

The editor that it comes with is very impressive for a browser extension. You can add geometric shapes (rectangles, circles, ellipses), lines, arrows, text, and bur parts of the image. You can add emojis and other stickers over the image. You can crop the image, add borders, add the screenshot inside a web browser for macOS or Windows, and more. You can export the screenshot as PNG or JPG image.

You can get the GoFullPage extension for Chrome browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gofullpage-full-page-scre/fdpohaocaechififmbbbbbknoalclacl.