PhotoEchoes is Kaleidoscope Screensaver for Windows

Remember as a child we used to make our own kaleidoscopes using mirrors and cardboard? Now you can do the same on your Windows PC using a freeware program called PhotoEchoes. This program can be used as a standalone tool for creating beautiful kaleidoscopes. And it can also be set as your system’s default screensaver. In either case, it makes use of some of the pictures stored on your hard drive to generate these kaleidoscopes.

During the installation of PhotoEchoes on your Windows system, you are given options to view the programs FAQ and help file. You can also choose to set it as your default screensaver, set the location of the images to be used, and run the program at the end of the installation.


It already has the “Pictures” folder under the user profile folder as the source of images, but you can add as many folders as you want. Images will be  selected randomly from any of these folders. It is also able to play music in the background when it is displaying the kaleidoscopes. For playing music, you have to add a music folder that contains your audio files. For example, you can add a folder that contains your MP3 files.


There are also many options based on which it generates the kaleidoscope animations. You can choose to transform the images, saturate the images, use mandala effect, turn and zoom the animations, use tiles or radial or a combination of the methods, whether original images are to be shown, whether a frame is used for displaying the animation and more.


PhotoEchoes not only makes your PC screen look beautiful, it is also a source of relaxation. You can calm your mind as you watch it generate random kaleidoscopes using your own pictures.

You can download PhotoEchoes from