Lazesoft Recovery Suite : Data Recovery, Windows Recovery and Disk Imaging

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a free software suite for all sorts of data recovery requirements. This software suite comes with all the recovery programs including Windows recovery for recovering damaged Windows installation, data recovery for recovering lost or deleted files, password recovery for recovering forgotten local Windows logon passwords, and disk imaging or cloning tools.

The user interface of Lazesoft Recovery Suite allows you to create a bootable disk. You can create a bootable recovery CD or USB flash drive. This disk can later be used to boot into your computer and run all the above mentioned recovery tools. This bootable disk is needed if you want to use the Windows recovery or the password recovery tools from the suite. These two tools are not launched from within a Windows session.

The data recovery tool can both be launched from within Windows or through the bootable media. It can be used to recovery your disk files that were lost because of accidental deletion, reformatting or even file system corruption. The files can be safely saved to another location on the same drive or another disk.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite

The disk imaging and cloning tools are really useful for making a backup of your drives. It can be used to create a backup of your drives – the backup is saved in form of a disk image. It can also be used to create a clone of a disk partition or even an entire disk. Using these tools you can make a backup of your Windows installation drive (system drive) and restore it later if Windows has any problems.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite comes in many editions – the home edition is free for personal use. Other much more powerful editions – professional, server, unlimited and technician editions are not free but pack many more features and support.

You can download Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home edition from