Train Your Eyes to Blink More Often with eyeblink

If you spend a lot of time working in front of your computer screen, then you should be very careful with the health of your eyes, your arms, shoulders, back and wrists – as all of these are continuously stressed while working with a computer. Your wrists may end up suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome if you do not take regular breaks during your day at work. Similarly, your back might have sciatic nerve pain in your lower back if you are sitting for very long periods of time. Your eyes also can feel tired and dry if you are staring for long duration at your screen.

As far as your eyes are concerned, you can easily alleviate the problem by using a software called eyeblink. This software trains you for blinking eyes much more often so that you can avoid the problems like tiredness in your eyes, strain in the eyes, dryness of the eyes and so on.


How does it work? It monitors your eye blinking rate by monitoring you in real-time through your webcam. These days all the notebook computers come with a webcam built inside and if you are using a desktop computer, then you can buy an HD webcam easily off Amazon. In order for eyeblink to work, you must have enough light in your room so that it can identify your face and see your eyes blinking. You can pause the webcam use from its notification area icon.


It measures your eye blinking rate every half an hour and then suggests whether you should blink more often or not. It can remind you to blink more often when you are not blinking enough. You can also switch the mode to simple mode where it does not use your webcam and simply reminds you to blink more.

If you already have dry eye syndrome, then eyeblink is really useful and can help you with exercises and breaks. Even if your eyes are healthy, you can use eyeblink to prevent any such problems in your eyes.

You can download eyeblink from