Forkle : Lightweight Secure Web Browser for Windows

Forkle is a very small and lightweight web browser for Windows. It is so small that the download size of the entire package is less than 1 megabytes. It uses Trident (Microsoft Internet Explorer) as the web rendering engine and requires that you have a completely up-to-date and fully patched Windows operating system. Forkle is fully portable software and does not require any installation.

Forkle enforces HTTPS or secure connections for all the websites. If you try to open an insecure URL using Forkle, it will simple fail to work. Only secure URLs can be opened using Forkle. While you can achieve the same in Firefox or Chrome using an extension like HTTPS Everywhere, Forkle does not require any plugins.

Forkle is a minimalist web browser with the concept of being a minimalist taken to the extreme. It has no extensions, no tabs, no toolbars, no download manager, no bookmarks manager, nothing. It simple opens up in a basic window and has only an address bar.

Forkle Web Browser

It opens up with a startup page that contains a few very common URLs for sites like Google, DuckDuckGo, GMail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Flights, CNN, Twitter and Wikipedia. You can edit this file (start.html) yourself using an editor like Notepad++ and add your own links.

When you click on a link in a webpage, it is not opened in a tab. This is like the very old behavior of web browsers from pre-Firefox era (before 2004). Mozilla Firefox changed the way we access the web and introduced the tabbed web browsing to the world.

Forkle is not a web browser for regular use. It is just an experimental project. It is very small in size, uses the fewest of the system resources and gives you an unobtrusive and very fast web experience.

You can download Forkle from