MemoryCleaner : Auto-clean PC Memory at Regular Intervals

No matter how new your computer is and how many memory banks you have installed on it, sooner or later you tend to run out of the available RAM. This is because we start running more and more applications at the same time and all these processes running together take up all of the system RAM.

When so much RAM is being taken up, Windows might become unresponsive and can even hang up. This is when you have to either upgrade your system RAM to a higher capacity or use a software like MemoryCleaner that can regularly free up your system RAM at regular intervals.

When you launch MemoryCleaner, it displays the available physical memory (RAM) and the virtual RAM on your system. It also displays how much of the memory is currently in use. You can click on the Clean memory button to free up the used RAM. Depending on the type of applications hogging the RAM, more or less RAM is freed up.


But that’s not all. MemoryCleaner keeps running in the background and places its icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. While running in the background, it checks when total RAM uses a certain threshold point and then automatically cleans the RAM to bring it down to a certain level. Similarly, it also auto-cleans the memory after a preset number of minutes.

In the options for MemoryCleaner, you can change the percentage level of the used RAM after which it auto-cleans the memory. You can also change the number of minutes after which it keeps auto-cleaning the system memory.


MemoryCleaner is a really useful application for keeping your PC from getting hanged up because of RAM usage. It auto-cleans the RAM as soon as the used RAM level crosses a certain level.

You can download MemoryCleaner from