StartIsBack Brings Windows 7 Start Menu for Windows 10

StartIsBack is a small but feature-rich application that brings back the old classic Windows 7 style start menu in your Windows 10 computer. After the installation, it effectively replaces the Windows 10 Start button with its own menu. When you click on the start button or press Windows logo key on your keyboard, StartIsBack menu is shown. In order to display the Start screen (Windows 8 style), you can press the key combination Win+Ctrl or click on the start button with the middle button.

StartIsBack is very lightweight and does not consume too many of your system resources. You won’t even notice any change in your system’s performance. This is surprising because its configuration window has so many features that can be adjusted to a user’s needs.


In the settings for StartIsBack, you can configure the start menu items and their behavior, change the visual appearance of start menu, taskbar and the start button style, replace other context-menus with StartIsBack, configure Win key actions, stop some of the Windows processes that could be slowing down your system, change the power button action and more.

Among the various start menu styles, StartIsBack offers many styles but does not copy any of the original Microsoft made start menu styles. It has Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 style start menus but their behavior can be changed. For example, you can hide the user account picture, you can make the programs fly out into sub-menus in the Windows XP style etc.


Unlike some other start menu replacements that come with very large setup installers, StartIsBack is only 1.4 MB in download size. In such a tiny package, you get so many features which is very impressive. It comes with instructions for silent installation and automated activation. It even offers group policy files for Windows 10 so that you can configure it through the group policy editor.

You can download StartIsBack from