Access iPhone Backups Easily with iPhone Backup Viewer

Making regular backups of your important files is a habit that we should all cultivate in order to prevent unforeseen situations like malware attacks, data theft, drive corruption, physical hardware failure and more. As far as your iPhone is concerned, you can make the backup of all the files from iPhone to your PC or Mac using iTunes. It makes a backup of contacts, call history, calendar, messages, call recordings, notes, photos, apps and browser bookmarks.

While you can make a backup of all the files and other things from iPhone to your PC, there is no way to view them or access the files in the backup. Fortunately using a third-party tool called iPhone Backup Viewer, you can easily access these backups stored on your desktop computer or notebook PC that were created using iTunes software. Through it, you can access even the backups that were created years ago.

iBackup Viewer

iPhone Backup Viewer is very easy to use. As soon as you launch it, you will be shown all the backups available from all the iOS devices. All the different backups will be labeled with iOS version and the date when the backup was created. You can simply click on these backups to explore them further.

Under each backup, you will be able to access call history, contacts, messages, photos, apps, WhatsApp messages and more. Each of these will be available through a familiar iOS style icon. You can print the items like messages, contacts, and call history though a connected printer or save it as a PDF document. On Mac, you can export the Safari web browser history and bookmarks from iPhone backup to the Safari on your computer. You can extract your photos or videos from the backup to the hard drive on your PC or Mac.

You can download iPhone Backup Viewer from