Find Duplicate Files in Windows with Exact Duplicate Finder

Once we buy a new computer whether it is a desktop PC or a notebook computer and start using it regularly, it is only a matter of time that its hard drive gets piled up with hundreds and thousands of files. Some of these files are the ones that we have downloaded off the internet and others we have copied from other devices such as portable hard drives, digital cameras, action cameras, memory cards, pendrives or smartphones. But when are blindly saving all the files on the hard drive, there is high chance that we will end up copying the same set of files more than once in different locations on the hard drive.

With the help of a software like Exact Duplicate Finder, we can quickly scan the hard drive contents and find any duplicate files that are residing on your computer’s storage. It can be used to scan not only the hard drive but any kind of storage system that is visible through the Windows File Explorer. Other than the duplicate files, it can also look for the zero byte files or folders that serve no purpose on the file system.

Exact Duplicate Finder

Using the Exact Duplicate Finder software is very easy. You have to add the folders or locations that you want to scan for in the list using a tree view control. After adding all the locations, you can click on the Search button in the toolbar. Within few seconds, it will find all the duplicate files or zero byte files and display them in the list. All the duplicate files are shown in groups – each group containing the duplicate files. From each of these groups, you can select the duplicate files that you want to delete or move.

Using the search function, you can also find the large files having the same size (they could have different content). This feature is useful when you want to find the large files that may be taking up a large portion of the storage space on your hard drive. In addition, you can filter the results for the type of files – images, documents, pictures, archives, audio files and more.

Exact Duplicate Finder

Conclusion: Exact Duplicate Finder offers a quick way to scan for the duplicate files on your hard drives. It is useful for de-cluttering the files on your computer, removing identical movies or MP3 audio files, and getting rid of unnecessary duplicate files that could be claiming a large share of the total hard drive capacity.

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