Convert Audio File Formats in Seconds with BeHappy

Has it ever happened to you that you record a lengthy conversation between your friends and yourself only to find out later that the audio was recorded at a very low volume? Well there is nothing to worry about it, when you have BeHappy. It is an audio transcoding tool for Windows that can boost the audio volume level to make it loud and clear. But that is not all, it can also apply various effects and filters to fine tune your audio files just the way you like them.

The very first requirement of using BeHappy is Avisynth which must be installed on your system. It is fairly easy to grab a copy of Avisynth+ from and install it on your Windows PC. In order to ensure smooth installation, you should download the package that has vcredist in its filename, for example, AviSynthPlus_3.6.1_20200619_vcredist.exe. This is necessary because BeHappy works using Avisynth.


Next you can launch BeHappy and add all the music files that you want to process in its list. For adding files, you can drag-n-drop them on the small listbox in BeHappy window. Once the files have been added, you can tweak the files using tweak options like adding delay, splitting, or forcing VBR sync.

For digital signal processing, it offers many options like normalizing the audio volume to a selected percentage, amplifying the volume, conversion of multi-channel audio to mono, conversion of mono to multi-channels, stretching the playback time, mixing of various sources in multi-channel format and more.


Finally, you can also choose a target audio file format for conversion and the output folder before clicking on the Enqueue button. The queued jobs can be run from under the Queue tab. You have select one or more jobs and click on the Start button to process a task. The full progress is displayed in the window along with a small log of the process.


BeHappy is a handy tool to fine tune your audio files and change them in a way you desire. With audio boosting and channel changing features, it certainly is going to make every audiophile happy.

You can download BeHappy from