WinSnap : Screenshot and Annotation Tool for Windows

WinSnap is a professional screen capture and annotation software. It offers a unique and user friendly  interface that makes it very easy for even beginners to take superior screenshots of their computer screens or applications. The program works on the good old principle of having a great visual approach and thus provides some stunning visual effects such as picture shadow, reflection, outline, watermark and colorize.

The program as a single window user interface and displays a preview of the screenshot as soon as it is launched. The default screen capture mode is full-screen and thus it grabs a screenshot of the full computer screen and makes it available for you to play with. You can use a rich set of annotation tools to draw various shapes, lines, arrows and place text on it. Each of these annotation tool has many options to choose from. For example, if you apply highlighter tool then you can choose many different colors. Similarly, the special effects tools have options, for example, when you drop shadow, it allows you to pick the shadow color and direction.


Apart from capturing the full-screen screenshots, it can also capture screenshots of particular application, a region on your screen, an object inside a window or the complete window. After a screenshot is taken, you can apply special effects to it and annotate it. There are also options to resize the image to make it larger or smaller. Finally, you can save the image on your computer as a PNG or JPG file. The PNG file supports transparency while JPG file boasts a much better compression ratio.

WinSnap is not free but can be used in the trial mode. In the trial version of WinSnap, it places a watermark on all the screenshots taken. This limitation can be removed by registering and paying for the lifetime license.

You can download WinSnap from