Manage Processes in Windows with Alternate Task Manager

Even though Microsoft Windows comes with a Task Manager of its own, sometimes you can find using third-party task management programs much more convenient. The reasons could vary from finding some new features in those third-party apps to them being very lightweight. One of such task management programs is Alternate Task Manager which offers a much easier-to-use interface and offers features such as dumping the list of processes to a plain text file.

Alternate Task Manager is available in form of an installer package as well as a portable application. In both cases, you will need Microsoft .NET version 2.0 to be installed on your system. It has a very well designed user interface that displays different information under different tabs. You can find processes, process details, list of services, and system information under various tabs.

You can filter the processes from the list by their PIDs. You can show all the processes, only the processes having a window title, having no window title, show them grouped or grouped by EXE. You can right-click on any of these processes and choose to stop the process or display more of its details.

Alternate Task Manager

The details of any process are displayed under the “Process Details” tab which includes process ID, process name, window title, filename, process priority, folder name, and more. Similar to the processes, services are displayed under the “Services” tab and can be stopped or started. Because of the system restrictions not all the services can be controlled but all of them are visible. The “System” tab displays system information about your computer.

You can export the list of processes along with all their information to a plain text file or to a CSV (comma delimited values) file. CSV file can be opened in Microsoft Office and can even be printed.

You can download Alternate Task Manager from