Desmos Graphing Calculator Makes Learning Mathematics Easy

High school students have to solve equations by plotting them on the graphing paper. There are many different types of equations that we can understand better if we see how they are plotted on the graph. For example, set of linear equations in two variables, quadratic equations or various curves are best learned when you see them on the graph.

In the old times, students had no other option but to manually plot them on the graph paper one point at one time. The more points the calculated, the more accurate was the curve. But fortunately, now you can use a web app called Desmos which can quickly plot any equation and even help you solve a set of equations.

Desmos graphing calculator is a very helpful web app for students. You can enter multiple equations or mathematical terms in the sidebar which are instantly plotted on the graph. All the equations are assigned a different color which makes it very easy to find the different plots. You can move your mouse cursor over the plotted curves to find the value of various variables at that point.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

It understand the common format of entering mathematical equations, for example, x^2 becomes x2. But if you find it hard to enter your equations, then it offers an on-screen keyboard that contains all the mathematical operators and special symbols. In addition, it also contains many special symbols related to trigonometry, statistics, distribution and other miscellaneous functions.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

If you want to share your graph with someone then it allows you to print the graph directly to the printer connected to your PC. Moreover, you can also export the graph as a PNG image file which can then be shared with your friends over the social networks or can be sent to your teacher via email.

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