How to Send Email Messages as SMS Messages to Any Mobile Phone

There are many times when you want to send some important information from an email message to a friend or colleague. Usually, what we can do is just forward that email message to the target email address and the job is done. But statistics shows that more people ignore the new email notifications on their mobile phones (or even have these notifications turned it off) when compared to the new text (SMS) messages. So if you forward an email message to a mobile number as an SMS message then there are higher chances of the message getting noticed.

It is very easy to send an email message to a mobile phone as an SMS message if you are using the Google Chrome web browser through the “Send Your Email to SMS” extension. This extension works only with GMail web interface inside the Chrome web browser. Another limitation is that the target mobile number should be located in the United States or Canada only. Mobile numbers of any other country are not supported.

Send Email as SMS

After installing this extension in the Chrome web browser, all you have to do is login to your GMail account. Then open an email message that you want to send as an SMS message and you will find  a new icon that looks like a mobile phone. For the first time, it will also notify you of this new icon.

Send Email as SMS

A new window will open up when you click on this mobile icon. Here you have to enter the target mobile phone number. The text message is copied from the selected email message along with a link that opens a copy of the original email message. When the user receives the SMS message, they can tap on the short link to view the whole email message in a web browser.

You can get the “Send Your Email to SMS” extension for Chrome browser from