Take Notes Easily in Windows PC with InDeep Notes

When you have to quickly write down something while you are working on a project or when you are looking for something online, you do not have to jot down things on a random scrap of paper. You can use a software like InDeep Notes to create and save these notes.

InDeep Notes is a portable note taking application that allows a user to create and modify plain text notes. You can make collections of notes and group them together based on the topic. For example, you can create a collection of notes about Japanese recipes. Under this collection, you can create various notes – each note dedicated to one particular recipe.

InDeep Notes is highly customizable. You can change the color theme used by the application window and make it look really pretty. There are multiple color themes available – dark, darker, gray, green and orange. You can also choose a font face and size for the collection and the notes.

InDeep Notes

The notes, once created, can easily be modified or rearranged. You can edit the notes just as would edit a plain text file in Notepad. Since InDeep Notes allows Unicode, you can enter special characters if needed. The collection as well as the notes can be renamed, moved, or trashed.

You can export your notes in form of PNG image files. The text is converted into PNG image files and saved on the Windows desktop. These images are perfect for posting on Facebook or Twitter. For example, you can have a collection containing quotes related to a particular subject, change the font to a really good looking one, convert them into PNG images and post them over Twitter for your followers.

InDeep Notes is a nice little note taking application that is also portable making it ideal for your pendrive apps collection. Unfortunately, it does not come with any syncing or cloud storage options.

You can download InDeep Notes from http://indeepsoft.blogspot.com/p/indeep-notes.html.

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  1. For storing the notes in the cloud, just drop the app folder in a DropBox, OneDrive or GoogleDrive synchronized backup folder. InDeep Notes handles this very well now in my testing.

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