How to Buy Groceries from Walmart Using Yahoo Mail App

Lately when I was checking my email messages on Yahoo! Mail app for Android smartphones, I discovered a new option near the bottom of the screen. Using this option which is being called “Groceries from Walmart”, one can actually shop for groceries online from Walmart and hundreds of other local stores. This makes it so very convenient to buy groceries online without stepping out of your house. Other than buying groceries, you can also find a large number of discount coupons for various other stores through Yahoo Mail app.

So here is how you can use this new feature in your Yahoo Mail app and buy all your groceries in seconds:

  1. First of all you should install the Yahoo Mail app on your smartphone. It is available for Android, iPhone and other devices. If you have it already installed, then you should update it to the latest version. The iPhone version of Yahoo Mail app got the groceries feature in June 2020, but Android app has got it only a few days ago.
  2. Login to Yahoo Mail app and tap on the small Groceries icon that looks like a little basket. You will be displayed the Walmart groceries screen from where you can choose the categories for shopping different items, for example, Fruits & Vegetables or Meat, Seafood & Eggs and more.Buy Walmart Groceries from Yahoo Mail App
  3. You can start adding the items that you buy to the shopping cart and once you have added all the items, you can tap on the blue button “Transfer to Walmart”. You may have to pick a Walmart location close to your ZIP code. Buy Walmart Groceries from Yahoo Mail App
  4. Now you will be switched over to the Walmart app or website where you can login to your Walmart user account and make the payment. The groceries from Walmart will arrive in a short while as usual.

The service is available only in the United States but it can be made available to the Yahoo Mail users worldwide wherever Walmart is located.