Clean Junk from iPhone or iPad Using PhoneClean

No matter which type of device you use, after some time the storage of that device becomes cluttered with hundreds and thousands of files that nobody needs. Whether it is your Windows PC, your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone, the junk files are going to pile up sooner or later. When your iPhone gets full of junk files, it impact the performance and you won’t have any local storage space for installing new apps.

This is why you should use a software like PhoneClean to scan your iOS devices. This software can find and remove all the unnecessary files from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This software works on Windows and macOS. After installing PhoneClean, you can attach your iPhone to your PC/Mac using a USB data cable and then launch it.

From the PhoneClean interface you can choose to scan the storage for junk files. Using this tool, you can find messages, photos, music files, attachments and other files that are no longer needed. For example a message that you received from your husband two years ago about the grocery list has served its purpose a long time ago and can be safely deleted. You will also find many selfies that you no longer find attractive.


PhoneClean comes with a toolbox using which you can find duplicate items on your iPhone. These duplicate contacts are merged into a single contact which not only saves memory storage but also saves the user from confusion.

Before every cleanup operation PhoneClean makes a backup of all the files from iPhone. These backups can be used to restore the phone back to the original state in the event of some mishap. You can connect all of your iOS devices with your computer and make backups. By default, it makes only one backup per device but you can override this limit through the settings.

Conclusion: PhoneClean can work with all sorts of iOS device including the jail-broken devices. It is a really helpful tool and can make your older iPhones perform better by cleaning all the junk and unnecessary files.

You can download PhoneClean from