Qutebrowser : Keyboard Focused Web Browser for Windows

A web browser is the most used software today. No matter where in the world we live in and whatever type of jobs we have, we launch web browser more than any other application on our computers. This is why we should find a web browser that we are comfortable with.

Even though there are many web browsers that you can control through your keyboards, you will find Qutebrowser to be much more productive and easy to use through your keyboard. It has built in commands that can be used to open a website, copy/pasting links in the web browser, switching to other tabs, going back or forth in the browser history, search for phrases, and more.

Unlike the hotkeys, these commands can actually be used through a command line interface. In order to show the command line interface, you have to press the ( : ) colon. Once the command line is visible, you can give commands like open trishtech.com to open a website, or home to open the home page in the web browser.


As you may have guessed, if you want to see a detailed webpage about all the commands supported by Qutebrowser, then you can give the command help. It will display a big list of all the supported commands. For each of the commands, it will give some examples. The developers of Qutebrowser also provide a cheatsheet containing all the commands supported by this web browser. You can print this cheatsheet so that you do not have to lookup these commands from the help section of the browser.


Qutebrowser is designed using Python and QT framework. It works flawlessly on any Windows PC as well as Mac. It might take some time for any average user to understand how everything works, but once you master the art of using your web browser through just your keyboard, you can end up saving a whole lot of time.

You can download Qutebrowser from https://www.qutebrowser.org/.

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