Achieve Lossless Image Rotation with Batch JPEG Rotator

When you capture something using your digital camera, care must be taken about the camera orientation. The orientation can be in the portrait mode or in the landscape mode. Some people also describe them as vertical and horizontal orientations respectively. However, if you capture some photos in the wrong orientation, you can always rotate your photos using any image editing software.

While image rotation is very easy task in any image editor, it can be tricky if you do not want to lose any of the original quality. This is when you have to go through the nuts and bolts of the image editing process – what quality of the photo is to be saved and what type of interpolation method is to be used among many others

Fortunately, Batch JPEG Rotator can save you from all the headache as it offers complete lossless image rotation without having to configure any difficult to understand settings. The program can process hundreds of JPEG images and rotates them all in seconds without any harm to the original quality of the images.

Batch JPEG Rotator

The user interface of Batch JPEG Rotator allows you to add files or folders containing the image files. It can go through the sub-folders recursively and look for any JPEG files in the sub-folders. All the JPEG files that you add are set to have no rotation by default. But you can right-click on any of these files and choose a rotation from 90° clockwise, 90° counter-clockwise, 180°, flip horizontal, and flip vertical. You can set the same rotation for all the added JPEG files if desired.

Before you process the images, you can configure some settings, for example, if you want to use the standard (lossy) rotation, if you want to use the EXIF metadata rotation settings, and the quality of the JPEG to be saved. After this, you can click on the “Start” button in the toolbar and it will process your images withing seconds.

Conclusion: Batch JPEG Rotator prevents loss of quality when a JPEG image is rotated. It uses special algorithms to give you true lossless JPEG image rotations. For the people who want to reduce the JPEG file size at the risk of losing picture quality, it also features a standard lossy JPEG rotation algorithm.

You can download Batch JPEG Rotator from