How to Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates in Google Maps

Things are so much easy when you have access to the internet on your smartphones whether it is mobile data or WiFi. You can go anywhere in the world, launch Google Maps and tap on the locate button to find out where you are on the world map.

But when you don’t have access to the internet, you can still use the GPS apps like GPS Test or My GPS Coordinates that can tell you about your latitude and longitude coordinates as received through the GPS satellites hovering above you. When you see these coordinates, just take a screenshot to save them or write them down somewhere. For example, in the GPS Test app, you can wait for the 3D Fix and then tap on the map to view the coordinates.

GPS Test Coordinates

Later when you are back home or in a location where you can access to the internet, you can find out where you were using the recorded latitude and longitude coordinates. For this all you have to do is launch the Google Maps app and in the place of location, type in the coordinates separated by a comma. After this tap on the search and it will quickly show you the GPS location on the map.

Find Coordinates on Google Maps

On the flip side, you can also find the GPS location for any location on the Google Maps. For this, you have to first find the location for which you want to know the latitude and longitude coordinates. After this, you have to tap on the location and hold it. As long as you are holding, it will display the latitude and longitude coordinates on your screen. When you let go of the tap, it will find other useful information for that location.

Find Coordinates on Google Maps

So these are a few ways of finding the GPS coordinates for any location on the Google Maps. You can use Google Maps method to find the coordinates when you have mobile data access and use the GPS app to find the coordinates when you don’t have internet access.