How to Check for MySQL Syntax Errors in Seconds

When you have to store a large amount of information and want to be able to retrieve the information as easily as you stored it, you have to use databases over servers that support SQL. Through the SQL statements, you can query the database servers to find certain type of information and present it in a certain manner.

The most popular database server include MySQL and Microsoft SQL servers. But no matter what kind of SQL server you are using, you have to query the server using a specially formatted SQL statement. The structure and syntax of the SQL statements differ a little depending on what kind of SQL server you are using.

If you are using MySQL server and want to know whether your SQL queries are valid and have no syntax errors, then you do not have to go through the MySQL Bible by Steve Suerhing even though reading the book is going to make you an advanced MySQL user. Instead, you can quickly check for the MySQL syntax using Rakko’s MySQL Syntax Checker.

MySQL Syntax Checker

When you visit this syntax checker website, you will have a small text editor where you can type in the SQL code. After entering the SQL code, you can click on the Check button and it will instantly tell you the the result of the analysis. In case the code has correct syntax, you will see “No syntax errors” in green color. But in case of some syntax errors, you will see a message – “You have an error in your SQL syntax” in the red color.

MySQL Syntax Checker

It is suggested that you do not enter the actual passwords or usernames or server addresses if they are part of the SQL code when testing your SQL code for any errors. You should replace such information in the SQL code with dummy values.

You can visit the MySQL Syntax Checker website at