Compact Tray Meter Shows RAM and CPU Usage in System Tray

For testing software, boot disks and even new operating systems, sometimes I use Virtual Box. I have Windows 10 running inside Virtual Box and it can be used to safely test any new software without having to worry about how that program is going to react on the system. Even in the case of a BSOD, I can always reset Virtual Box and the problem disappears.

But before I run Virtual Box or any other resource hungry application, I have to ensure that I have enough RAM and CPU resources available for it. If some other application is hogging the system resources, I have to close them first. For checking the status of system resources, we can use a freeware application Compact Tray Monitor. This small tool keeps showing the status of RAM and CPU usage in the notification area of your Windows desktop.

Compact Tray Meter

As soon as it is launched, it starts to display the CPU usage on your system in terms of a percentage. You can right-click on this icon and choose to open the program settings. in the program settings, you can choose to display CPU usage meter, RAM usage meter, system drive meter, non-system fixed drive meter, external drive meter, removable media meter and more. You can choose different methods that it uses to calculate the CPU usage. The icons in the system tray can be displayed either in the greyscale or in color.

Compact Tray Meter

Compact Tray Meter can display the stress on your system resources put by various applications or background processes. If too many of the system resources are being used for a long time, then it could even be a rogue application or malware. For example, if ransomware is busy encrypting your personal documents, then you will see a peak in the CPU usage. By keeping an eye on the CPU and RAM use, you can keep your system healthy and safe.

You can download Compact Tray Meter from