Convert HTML to Many Different Document Formats with Total HTML Converter

Sometimes there are webpages or HTML documents available and we want to convert them into other file formats such as PDF or DOC so that it is easy to edit them or print them. While some websites such as Wikipedia do offer the option to download the webpages in form of PDF files, not many such sites exist.

With the help of a third-party software called Total HTML Converter we can easily convert a webpage or HTML file into a number of different document formats. It supports conversion from HTML to file formats such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TXT, RTF, EMF, SVG, XHTML, XPS, EML, URL and more.

The  user interface of Total HTML Converter is designed to make it easy for everyone to convert HTML files in seconds. In the Total HTML Converter window, you have to either copy-paste the URL of the webpage that you want to convert or select the HTML files for conversion.

Total HTML Converter

After you have selected source files, you can select one of the destination formats from the toolbar. All the file formats are displayed as different icons in the toolbar which makes it very easy to choose the destination formats. For each of these file formats, you will be shown an wizard like dialog that takes you from one step to another – in each step giving you an opportunity to choose file format related options.

The conversion to all supported file formats takes place only in seconds. When processing HTML files, it is able to identify all the tags and can automatically resize the content to fit the target document. When the target file format is an image, it can squeeze all the pages into a single long image file. If you do not like the images in a webpage, it can filter them all out. It is great for quickly converting HTML documents into popular editable file formats like DOC or ODT.

You can download Total HTML Converter from