Tidal : Listen to High Quality Music Online

Music streaming services have now got a new competition from Europe called Tidal and it promises to provide only high-fidelity content which means that you are going to listen to the music at the best quality possible provided that you have a set of good speakers like the ones produced by JBL.

What makes Tidal special is that it is owned by famous rapper Jay-Z himself. After buying Tidal a few years ago, he is leaving no stones unturned in order to make it the best online music streaming service in the world. He has hired many people to quickly expand Tidal and make it available to everyone all over the world. At the moment (2020), it is available in more than 50 different countries and is offering more than 60 million songs along with hundreds of thousands of music videos.

Tidal does not follow the business model of Spotify. It does not offer a free service where you are bombarded with ads. Rather, you are supposed to buy a subscription only after which you will be able to enjoy all the songs in high-quality. Without subscription, you can still enjoy music but songs are not played in their full length.


Tidal is available for all the popular platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Smart TVs and they also offer a web player which works in all the modern web browsers on any device. The only requirement for Tidal to work in the web browsers is that the browser supports playback of DRM content.

Tidal makes it very hard not to consider switching over from other music streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer. They make it very easy to import your playlists that you created on other apps. You can fetch all your playlists from Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, Last.fm, Apple Music, Pandora, Sound Cloud and more very easily.


Tidal is slowly making waves in the online music streaming world. It does offer very high quality content but is a tad expensive compared to the competition.

You can try Tidal by visiting https://tidal.com/.