Extended God Mode Offers God Mode with Other Settings for Windows

God Mode is a special folder in Windows that offers access to over 200 different settings from a single window. You can find settings for everything from your hardware to the basics of Windows operating system. We have previously covered many times how you can easily create the God Mode folder on your Windows desktop, for example, how to create God Mode folder in Windows 8. Then there are special tools like MyGodMode created by the developers of PeaZip to quickly create the God Mode folder.

Now there is another tool called Extended God Mode which also offers God Mode but in a different user interface. This tool packs all the tools offered by the native God Mode in its intuitive user interface but also adds a search feature that helps you quickly look for the settings that you are interested in. For example, if you are looking for settings related to fonts in Windows, you just have to type “font” and it will display the settings from God Mode that have anything to do with fonts.

Extended God Mode

As if the settings from God Mode are not enough, Extended God Mode adds even more settings that are found in the classic Control Panel of Windows as well as some of the administrative tools such as the Group Policy Editor. Together, these all settings easily cross the count of 400 tools that are available from a single user interface. This makes Extended God Mode a really powerful way to find and access various settings for Windows operating system.

Since Extended God Mode offers so many settings from a single user interface, you can easily replace the native Windows settings (Win+I) with the Extended God Mode. If it can also integrate tools from Sysinternals into the same window, then it would become the most powerful tool-set and settings interface for Windows.

You can download Extended God Mode from https://www.wintools.info/index.php/extended-godmode.