Create Images Containing Only Text with TextImages

One of the things smarter webmasters do on their sites is that they never publish their email address in plain text format. Rather they create a small image that shows the email address. This is done to avoid bots from harvesting their email address from the webpage text. When the email address or any other information is shown in form of an image, bots find it harder to detect them.

If you also have to create images containing such text, then you will find a freeware called TextImages very useful. This small tool has only one purpose – create small images containing your specified text. The text can be put inside a rectangular box if desired – which actually makes it look cool.

In the user interface of TextImages, you can see the preview of how the image is going to look. Underneath the preview, you can enter the text that should be converted into the image. You can enter one line or multiple lines and choose whether to create a separate image for each entered line.


There are other settings available like picking a font face, font size, text rotation angle, text background color, text color, text format, text alignment, margin, spacing etc. You can play with these settings to see how the final text will look like in the preview. When satisfied, you can click on Create and Save to create the images.


The images are saved in a subfolder of the location where TextImages is running from. You can choose which image type you want to use – there are dozens of image file formats available such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD, TGA and more.


TextImages is a handy tool to quickly create images containing text of all sorts. This text could be a web address, email address, or anything else that has to be put in an image format. The text format, font and colors can be customized to your heart’s content.

You can download TextImages from