Customize Your Windows PC with Freeware WinCustom

There is hardly any Windows users who keep using their Windows PC without changing some of its settings to their own preferences. For example, some people want the file extensions to be displayed in the File Explorer, some users want to manually update Windows by disabling Windows Updates and so on.

A freeware tool WinCustom allows you to customize your Windows PC settings to your own taste. Using this portable tool, you can customize various things related to the Windows start menu, taskbar, notification area, Windows File Explorer, Desktop and many others.

Hide items in Start menu

WinCustom can be used to hide various items from the Start menu such as the Run command. By hiding the items that you rarely ever use, you can make your Start menu look more compact and clutter free. There are options to disable some features of Start menu as well such as disabling the ability to log off from the Start menu which could be useful if you want to prevent accidentally signing out when accessing the Start menu.


Customize System Tray and Taskbar

It can be used to customize various settings related to the system tray and the taskbar. You can disabling all those icons that keep hoarding some of the space in the system tray such as the speaker icon, battery icon, network icon, action center and also the small clock. It can even hide the language bar that appears when you are using multiple language for input.


File Explorer & Desktop Customization

The most used Windows application in any Windows PC perhaps is the File Explorer. It is used whenever we have to access any kind of storage media like CD/DVD, hard drive, portable USB drive, pendrive, memory cards and more. Using WinCustom, you can customize File Explorer and the Desktop too. You can hide or disable the items that you do not frequently use and  enable the ones that you need for daily use.


Managing advanced Windows settings

Under the “Miscellaneous” tab, you will find very advanced settings and they should be used carefully. For example, you can disable Windows Updates or the Windows Task Manager. If you disable Windows automatic updates, then you may be left without unpatched vulnerabilities on your PC. This is why these settings should be used only by the advanced users.



WinCustom is a portable Windows customization tool. While it covers many of the settings found in Windows 10, it leaves out many others. For example, there is no option to disable changing of the desktop wallpaper by the standard users. Nevertheless, it does provide a quick way to customize a Windows PC to a certain extent.

You can download WinCustom from