How to Logout of Zoom Account from All Devices Instantly

Because of the pandemic Zoom has suddenly become one of the top video conferencing apps in the world. This is because now all the schools and universities are asking their students to use Zoom to attend their online classes. It is also because setting up a Zoom meeting is very easy and it is even easier for the students to attend those meetings. They just have to follow a web link, enter the provided password and they are in the meeting.

When you are using Zoom to start online classes for your students, you may have to use your Zoom account on public computers at school. And if you forget to sign out from such a publicly accessible computer, your account could be misused for unwanted activities. Fortunately, Zoom makes it fairly easy to sign out from all the devices where you have used Zoom before. Here is how:

  1. On a desktop or notebook computer, visit You may have to login to your Zoom account if you have not already done so.
  2. Click on your use profile icon and then click on your Zoom username. You can also directly visit in your web browser.Sign Out from Zoom
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the webpage and click on Sign me out of all devices.
  4. After a brief confirmation, you will be signed out from Zoom on all the devices. You will have to sign-in again to use Zoom again.Sign Out from Zoom

By signing out from all the devices you can safely assume that nobody can misuse your Zoom account on any of these devices. It works even better if you have enabled two factor authentication in your Zoom settings because then it becomes harder for anyone to sign in to your Zoom account in case you accidentally saved your username and password in some device’s browser.