Find and Terminate Programs Using Too Much RAM with Memory Hogs

If your Windows PC does not have enough RAM then you may be continually running into the problems to launching programs or system hanging very often. One of the quick solutions to fix this problem is to add more RAM to your system. And with the prices of PC RAM falling down, it is very cheap and easy fix too. But there are laptops that have a fixed upper limit for RAM upgrade which cannot be crossed. So if your Lenovo laptop has only 4GB limit for the RAM, you are forced to work only with that amount of RAM.

In the latter case, there is another way to avoid system hangups – through a freeware called Memory Hogs. As the title of this program suggests, it looks for the largest memory hogs on your system, that is, the programs that are using a large share of the total available system RAM.

Memory Hogs

In the small window of Memory Hogs that shows up, you can choose the number of processes, the RAM and CPU thresholds and then you have to click on the Update button. You can also change these values by editing the file called MemoryHogs.ini which is created in the same folder where MemoryHogs.exe is placed. You can double-click on any of the programs in the list to view options such as stopping or exclusion from monitoring.

Memory Hogs

Whenever any program or process crosses the RAM or CPU threshold, you will see a notification on your Windows Desktop that the app is not responding. If that app is really not responding then you have to try ending that app in order to ensure system stability, otherwise you can either exclude it from being monitored or change the RAM & CPU threshold values.

Memory Hogs

Conclusion: Memory Hogs is really useful for people who have older computers with small amount of RAM. It can monitor processes that are claiming too much RAM and gives you options to stop such programs. It might be able to stop any possible system hangups by locating and terminating memory hogs on your system.

You can download Memory Hogs from