How to Convert DMG Disc Images into ISO Format in Windows

When you want to install macOS in VirtualBox, the first hurdle you face is converting macOS installation disc image file from the DMG format to the very common ISO disc image format. This can be done in macOS easily, but a special software is needed for the Windows users. Using a third-party software called WinArchiver, you can easily convert DMG disc image files into the ISO images. It does not take very long and the process is finished in just a few minutes.

Here is how you can convert DMG disc images into more popular ISO format in Windows:

  1. First of all download and install WinArchiver on your Windows PC. You can download WinArchiver from The trial version works good for conversion without any limitations. During the installation, you can choose not to associate files with WinArchiver or not to install a virtual drive.
  2. Launch WinArchiver and select ToolsConvert Disc Image File from the menubar.Convert DMG to ISO
  3. In the window that opens up, select DMG source image file, select a destination ISO file, choose output format to be ISO and click on the OK button.Convert DMG to ISO
  4. Depending on the size of the DMG file, it will take longer or shorter time for conversion of the disc image from DMG to ISO format. The conversion progress will be displayed on your screen.Convert DMG to ISO

This process can be repeated for any number of DMG files that you wish to convert to the ISO disc image format. Once you have ISO disc images ready, you can load them on your Windows PC just by double-clicking on them. They will be loaded in a virtual drive in Windows File Explorer. It can convert both actual disc image files like the macOS installation DMG files or software installer DMG files such as the DMG installer for the Opera web browser.