How to Disable Media Change Notification in VLC Media Player

Whenever you are playing a number of media files through a playlist using VideoLAN VLC Media Player, it displays a small notification about the new media being loaded. This happens only if you have minimized the player window. For example, if you are listening to a playlist containing all of your favorite MP3 files and you have minimized the VLC Media Player window, then you will keep seeing notification whenever new MP3 files start to play.

These media change notifications are helpful in finding when the new song or video starts to play. They do not cause any distraction but if for some reason you do not like these notifications, then you can disable them in VLC Media Player in the following manner:

Disable Media Change Popup in VLC

  1. Launch VLC Media Player and press the hotkey Ctrl+P to open the VLC player preferences. An alternate way is to select Tools and then Preferences from the menubar.
  2. In the preferences window, select Interface section from the top.
  3. For the setting labeled Show media change popup select the value Never.Disable Media Change Popup in VLC
  4. Finally, click on the Save button to save the new settings. There is no need to relaunch VLC media player. These settings take effect immediately.

After this, you will no longer see any media change popup/notification on your screen. If you later want to reinstate the original settings to display these notifications, you can repeat the above steps with a minor change – in the  step 3 above, change the value to either When Minimized or Always. If you choose to set it to “When Minimized”, then VLC media player will display the notifications only when the media changes and the VLC media player window is minimized. The setting “Always” displays this notification all the time. If you choose the value “Never”, then you effectively disable the whole notifications from being displayed.