How to Follow or Unfollow Someone on Facebook

It used to happen that if you wanted to view the posts and updates from a Facebook user, you had to add them as your friend. The problem was that adding them as friend was not complete until the other party accepted the friendship request.

Lately Facebook has started to adopt a Twitter like approach and now allows you to follow users without actually adding them as your friend. When you follow someone on Facebook, you will see all the new posts and updates in your Facebook news feed.

There are two ways to follow or unfollow users on Facebook:

Method 1: From Profile Search List

  1. Visit in web browser and login to your Facebook account.
  2. Search for the user profile that you want to follow.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over the user profile picture until options appear.Follow or Unfollow Someone on Facebook
  4. From the options, click on the follow button displayed next to the messenger icon.
  5. In order to unfollow, you can repeat the same process all over again.

Method 2: From Facebook Profiles

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. Visit the user profile that you want to follow or unfollow.
  3. Click on the small “plus” icon next to the messenger icon on their user profile.
  4. You will notice that follow button disappears for a while and then reappears. This is when you know you have followed that person. Clicking on the same button will result in reversing your actions.Follow or Unfollow Someone on Facebook

When you are following someone on Facebook, your Facebook username will be displayed in their followers list. They will also receive a notification about the new followers. Following used to be a Twitter term but now it is also available in Facebook. If a person desires, they can block someone to oollow them on Facebook. Of course, you can disable anyone from following you through Facebook settings.