POP Peeper Pro : Small Feature-Rich Email Client for Windows

POP Peeper Pro is an email client for Windows computers. It can work with any email account that allows access through the well known POP3 and IMAP protocols. Anyone who has used Outlook Express from the Windows XP days, will instantly recognize a similarity in the appearance and the functionality between Microsoft Outlook Express and POP Peeper Pro.

POP Peeper Pro supports all kinds of protocols like POP3 and IMAP. You can easily add new email accounts to POP Peeper Pro if you know the POP or IMAP settings for that email account. Adding a popular webmail account like GMail, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail or Outlook is even easier. It automatically detects all the settings and authenticates using OAuth.

Even though it started as just a notification program to notify you of any new email message, it has evolved into a full fledged email client over the years. You can do pretty much everything using POP Peeper Pro that you can do using other email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird. You can receive email messages, sync accounts, send email messages and reply to the email messages.

POP Peeper

Whenever you receive a new email message to any of the accounts added to POP Peeper Pro, it will display a notification near the system tray of your Windows desktop. You can click on this notification to open POP Peeper Pro window and read the new messages. This notification can be customized to have different skins and color schemes.

POP Peeper

POP Peeper Pro can be customized to use many different kind of themes each of which gives POP Peeper Pro window a unique appearance. You can make it auto-launch with Windows logon and assign it as the default email application in Windows 10. There is a portable version of POP Peeper Pro also available for download which is ideal for your USB pendrive apps collection.

You can download POP Peeper Pro from https://www.esumsoft.com/.