Configure DTS Sound in Android Smartphones

So many smartphones running on Android these days are coming with “DTS Sound” built inside them. These smartphones contain DTS technologies that help the consumers enjoy the best quality of sound from their devices and provide many options related to sound playback.

The DTS Sound technologies present in these phones are actually a high-end stereo sound post-processor plugins that provide intelligent automatic volume leveling for different types of sources such as music, dialog or sports. It can also improve the bass and the treble boost along with the on-board speaker correction to enhance the device’s build in sound system. All of these work together to give optimized audio quality and performance.

If you have DTS Sound technologies present on your smartphone, then you will have access to some sort of DTS settings from the app drawer. From these settings, you can choose a mode for the audio playback. In general there are four modes available – smart, video, music and games.

DTS Sound

In the smart mode, it automatically adjusts the sound based on the source of the sound. If you are playing music on Spotify or Amazon Music then it will switch the the music mode, in case of watching movies over Netflix, it will switch to the video mode and so on.

You can also select these modes manually in which case more settings are available to the user. You can choose the stereo mode from wide, in-front, or traditional. You can also choose to boost the bass, vocal or treble. These manual settings come very handy when you are listening to speeches or documentaries and want to hear much more clear sound. I personally find the vocal game mode to be really useful when I watch NatGeo classics.

DTS Sound can make a world of difference when you are listening to music, watching videos, or playing games on your Android devices. You can configure its settings to bring out the best of this popular sound post-processor.