Copy Handler : Copy or Move Files Faster in Windows

One of the things that we do almost everyday in our Windows computers is copy files. We are always copying files from one folder to another. We are copying files from external devices such as digital camera, memory cards or external hard drives to the internal storage drives. And sometimes we are making backups by copying files from the internal storage drives to the external media. We always seem to be copying files from one location to another.

The problem is that the inbuilt copy function in Windows is not that fast because of the way it has been implemented. If you want to save your time and copy files faster then you can install Copy Handler on your Windows PC. It is a utility to help the users copy or move files in Windows. It offers high speed file transfer and some of the very advanced features for Windows users.

After the installation, you can integrate it with Windows File Explorer so that you can right-click on files or folders to copy or move them to a destination folder. This will open a window where you can set various copying parameters. You can choose the operation type – copy or move. You can change the operation process priority – normal, high or low. You can even filter the files that are to be copied.


It also offers some special features such as the ability to copy only files without their actual content. This means that the destination will have files with the same names as that in the source folder, but they will all be zero byte files. Another feature allows the users to copy files without the original directory structure. It can be set to monitor the Windows clipboard for file paths so that it can quickly jump into action and start copying files.

Copy Handler

Copy Handler also stays in the notification area of Windows desktop from where you can access almost all of its functions. It definitely copies files faster compared to Windows’ own copy operation. We tried  copying 4.7 GB ISO file to a folder on the same hard drive – Copy Handler did the job in under 1 minute while Windows copy function tool almost 2 minutes.

You can download Copy Handler from