Connect to Remote Machines Easily with NoMachine

NoMachine is a remote connection software for all the popular platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. It is also available for Raspberry Pi. It allows the easiest possible remote desktop connection through local area network or the internet.

Easy to install on any computer

In order for NoMachine remote desktop connection to work, you have to install it on both the computers that are going to be connected. The same software package contains both the server and client (player) components. When you install it on a computer, it enables that computer for both connecting to remote desktops as well as for being connected to from other computers.


Does not require any configuration

Once the NoMachine software has been installed, you are ready to go. All the computers that you are going to remotely control should be on the same network. For this, you can simply connect them all to the same Ethernet or WiFi network. Connection over the internet is also possible. You do not really have to do anything after this, it will automatically detect all the available machines (on which NoMachine has been installed). You can then just click on the available computer, enter its login credentials and it will be ready for use.


Impressive set of remote connection tools

The remotely accessed computer is available only if that computer has enabled desktop sharing. This remote desktop can be controlled in the full-screen or scaled screen mode. You can switch to the full-screen mode and use the remote computer as if it is available right in-front of you. You can move your mouse pointer to the top-right corner to reveal many of the tools and settings from NoMachine.



NoMachine is really no-nonsense easy-to-use remote connection software that can be used by even by the beginners. It supports all the platforms both old and new. We used it to connect to a Windows XP machine successfully from a Windows 10 PC. We recommend this software to everyone who wishes to control remote machines in seconds.

You can download NoMachine from


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