KMPlayer : Play 4K or 8K Videos in Windows, iOS or Android

After installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 on your system, you have to install many third-party applications for some basic functions such as archiving utilities and media players. For the latter, so many Windows users choose VLC Media Player but there is another high performance media player called KMPlayer. It is designed to play HD videos with very high resolutions like 8K or 4K on your system without overloading your graphics card that much.

KMPlayer is available for multiple platforms. It works on Windows, iOS and Android. For Windows system, it offers both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of the media player. Portable versions of KMPlayer are also available. It is available from Google Play store  and Apple app store. If you have any of the Huawei made devices, then they also provide APK file for installation on your Android devices.

When you play media using KMPlayer, you do not require any external codecs. There is no need to install codec packs like K-Lite Mega Codec Pack or Advanced Codec Pack for playing your audio or video files. KMPlayer comes with all the needed codecs built inside it. Unlike other video players that stop and ask for codecs, KMPlayer will quickly start playing your videos without any interruption.


KMPlayer supports all types of videos such as 3D videos, 360 degree videos, high resolution videos  of 4K and 8K resolutions. It comes with a video renderer of its own which makes the playback high quality without putting too much stress on your hardware. It can use the software renderer if your system does not have a good GPU. But if your system has a decent GPU then it can harness the power of the graphics processor and enhance the video playback performance.

While KMPlayer has all the desired features and plays the videos as smoothly as possible, it displays video ads on half of the screen which I found annoying.  As far as performance is concerned, it worked pretty well except for an 8K video (trailer video for a movie) where it seemed to become a bit slow.

You can download KMPlayer from

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  1. KM Player x64 not able to play 8K video
    It straight away Crashes while Windows 10/11 Films & TV is able to play.

    System Specs

    i9 10-900x
    128 GB RAM
    3080ti GPU
    Windows 11

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