Foxy Gestures : Control Firefox with Mouse Gestures

Foxy Gestures is an extension for Firefox that adds many new gestures to a mouse connected to the users’ computer. Using these gestures, one can control almost all the actions in the Firefox web browser. For example, you can use gestures to reload a webpage, go back in the history, go forward in the history, close a tab, duplicate a tab and more. Even though developers talk about mouse gestures, it also works with touchpad and touchscreen devices.

After you have installed Foxy Gestures in your Firefox browser, you can locate its icon in the browser toolbar. You can click on this icon to toggle Foxy Gestures on or off for the current tab. When it is disabled for a tab, you would not be able to use any gestures for that tab.

Foxy Gestures

Foxy Gestures comes with some of the gestures built inside such as those for reloading the page, going backward or forward in the history, scrolling down to the very bottom of a page or scrolling up to the top of a webpage etc. A list of these gestures can be viewed from the Foxy Gestures options from under the tab “Built-in Commands”.

Foxy Gestures

You can add your own commands and associate them with gestures of your own choice. Other than these, you can also specify actions for mouse wheel and  chord gestures (when two or more mouse buttons are pressed at the same time).

In the options, you can define the mouse button that you have to press for drawing the gestures. By default, you have to press the right-button of your mouse before your gestures can be drawn. But you can change this to left button if you find that much more convenient.

Foxy Gestures

Foxy Gestures can make your life easy when using the Firefox web browser everyday. You can quickly draw a gesture to carry out any supported action in Firefox instead of juggling through various menus and options.

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