Optimize RAM Performance for Windows Using RAM Saver Pro

Even though RAM has become really really cheap, the owners of older computers are still out of luck as the motherboards of relatively older computers have maximum allowed RAM limitations. Some of them cannot be upgraded to be more than a certain amount of memory. For example, my old Gigabyte motherboard has a limit of 8 GB RAM including both memory slots.

In these cases, when you want to make the most of the your available RAM, you can use software like RAM Saver Pro to optimize and boost your system RAM performance. This software can monitor how your RAM is being used and can defragment RAM for much faster access time, recover memory that has been claimed by background processes, flush unused libraries to the hard drive which recovers even more space and more.

RAM Saver Pro

RAM Saver Pro displays the basic statistics about your system RAM – how much memory is available and how much is being used. It can optimize your RAM and free up memory for applications and games. Under the benchmark section, you can run the benchmark for the RAM for reading, writing and copying. It will tell you if your RAM modules are performing really well.

It comes with a process manager using which you can manage running applications. You can choose to kill or terminate the running processes so that you can free up the memory. It has a feature that allows you to create a desktop shortcut using which you can quickly free up pre-defined number of megabytes from your PC.

RAM Saver Pro

RAM Saver Pro can also be accessed from the notification area icon. You can access almost all the functions that it offers from here – defragment RAM, view memory monitor statistics, view CPU usage, close programs, clear clipboard and more.

RAM Saver Pro is very helpful tool for computers that have limited amount of RAM. It works with old computers but can also be used on newer computers running Windows 10 too. It can make a difference in the performance of your system and make it run a tad faster.

You can download RAM Saver Pro from http://www.wintools.net/ramsaverpro/.