LightZone : Professional Photo Editor and Manager

LightZone is an open-source Windows application for management of your photos and it offers tons of features for editing your digital photos. It has features for editing high-resolution RAW images from your digital cameras. It automatically saves a backup of your original images before saving the modified versions of the images. It helps quickly apply effects and image operations through batch processing features.

In the user interface of LightZone, you can find hundreds of Styles on the left side. These styles apply a number of preset effects and transformations to the selected images which makes it really fast for users to apply some transformations in just one go without having to go through all the steps. You can save your own image operations into custom styles for later use.

According to LightZone’s GitHub description, it is a completely non-destructive image editor. It saves a backup of the original image before saving any modified versions of that image. When you save the changes that you have made to an image, it also saves the history of all the steps. This way you can undo the steps at any time later after opening that image in LightZone.


LightZone offers a professional set of tools for both amateurs and pros. It can read the RAW images from many popular digital cameras. You can use it to import your high resolution images from digital cameras and smartphones, manage them, and edit them. It supports batch processing of images to save your precious time.

We installed LightZone version 4.2.2 on our Windows 10 64-bit system but we encountered several “DLL is missing” errors. So we removed it and tried version 4.2.1 and it worked smoothly without any problems. It processed small JPEG images instantaneously but took some time processing large RAW images.

You can download LightZone from