FoxyTab : Tab Manager for Mozilla Firefox Browser

FoxyTab is an advanced tab management extension for Firefox. Not only it allows you to manage open tabs efficiently, but it also adds many more features to Firefox that are not usually available in this popular browser. You can use FoxyTab to sort, move, reload, copy, bookmark, merge and close the tabs or various parts of the tabs.

As soon as you install FoxyTab in your Firefox web browser, you will see a FoxyTab icon in the browser toolbar along with the number of open tabs shown over the icon. You can click on this icon and choose to recount the number of open tabs.


The real power of FoxyTab becomes visible to the Firefox users when they right-click on the tabs and select FoxyTabs from the context-menu. From this menu, you can choose to duplicate the current tab or close all the duplicate tabs. You can merge all the open Firefox windows or close all the other Firefox windows. You can save the current tab as a PDF file to the local storage drive, create a desktop shortcut to the URL open in the current tab, copy the URL, copy the webpage title, and more.


In the options for the FoxyTab, you can choose which of these options appear in the FoxyTab menu that opens when you right-click on any tab in the Firefox browser. You can pick a color and counter style for the FoxyTab icon as well. You can also define domains that should be opened in their own separate containers.


FoxyTab is a very useful extension for the Firefox users. It offers shortcuts to many of the features already present in Firefox and adds many more features that are always desired by the regular Firefox users.

You can get the FoxyTab extension for Mozilla Firefox browser from