Quickly Launch Favorite Sites in Firefox with Group Speed Dial

If you are browsing or searching for something on the internet and you stumble upon a really nice website, then you can bookmark it. For bookmarking the universal hotkey that works in all the browsers is Ctrl+D. This hotkey is in use since the old old times of Internet Explorer 4.0 that was included in Windows 98.

When you bookmark a web page, it is added to a small menu labeled “Bookmarks” in the menubar of that browser. But if you have bookmarked dozens of web pages, it is not very easy to quickly find it in that menubar. This is where the Group Speed Dial extension for Firefox comes in. This extension adds visual bookmarks to your Firefox browser and sets it to be used as the new tab page.

Group Speed Dial

After installing this extension, instead of bookmarking a web page, you can add that web page to the Group Speed Dial. For this, you have to click on its icon in the toolbar and then select Add this page to dial from the menu. This will open the visual bookmarks speed dial tiles and you have to select one of the tiles where the web page will be added. As soon as you add the web page, the speed dial interface is closed and you are taken back to the original tab.

Group Speed Dial

Next time you open a new tab in the Firefox browser, it will show you the speed dial tiles with web pages added to them. You can simply click on any of these tiles to open the web page from that tile. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to open a favorite web page just by opening the new tab and picking a tile from the speed dial.

You can get the Group Speed Dial extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/groupspeeddial/.