How to Reset 4G LTE Wi-Fi USB Dongle in Seconds

These days everyone is using fiber broadband to access the internet at very large internet download speeds. But fiber broadband requires installation with fiber cable, junction boxes and the routers. Fiber broadband is therefore restricted only to a single place whether it is your home or office. What about when you are traveling and are in a place where you cannot find stable or fast internet access?

For tackling this issue of poor internet at public places, I bought a simple 4G WiFi USB dongle. Some manufacturer also call it a wingle because it provides WiFi access to the mobile LTE data network. You can insert a SIM card inside this dongle and connect it to any USB socket in your computer, a power bank or a mobile phone charger and you can instantly have very stable and fast internet on the go. No matter where you are, you can use this setup and access the 4G LTE internet on any of your devices.

But sometimes when making changes to the WiFi settings of this dongle, you may forget the login password to the settings (which is used to access the dongle settings). In those cases, we can simply reset the router and restore the original factory settings.

For resetting any USB 4G LTE WiFi dongle, you need only a few steps:

  1. First of all slide open the cover of the dongle which is also removed when you are inserting a SIM card into its slot. You will have to then locate the reset button which must be pressed.Reset LTE Modem
  2. Connect the 4G WiFi dongle to any USB port and wait for it to start the WiFi network service. Typically, you have to wait only for 1 minute.
  3. Now find a blunt pin (a metal pin that is not sharp but is actually round at the end) or a tooth pick that is filed off at the end to make it round. Use this blunt pin, insert this pin into the reset hole and very gently press the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds.  Do not use too much force or you will break the reset button or puncture into it.Reset LTE Modem
  4. Remove the metal pin and wait for the USB dongle to restore its original factory settings.

Some 4G LTE WiFi dongles or modems have a tiny button that does not require any metal pin and can be pressed like any regular push buttons using your fingers. The time duration for which you have to press the button also varies for different models and manufacturers.