Recordcast : Record Screen or Webcam from Web Browser

RecordCast is an online screen recorder web app. It can record your computer screen, your webcam, or record both of them combined. When recording your computer screen, it gives you an option to choose which part of the screen is to be recorded. There are options to record the entire screen too. And the best of all, everything is done through your web browser – there are no drivers to be installed, there is no software to be downloaded and there is no complicated configuration.

RecordCast is perhaps the easiest way to record your screen or web cam. You can visit their website and choose one of the recording modes. It gives you three options – screen only, webcam only and screen+webcam. When the third option (screen+webcam) is selected, it places the video stream from the webcam into a small inset window which is really helpful in making tutorials, guides, or critic videos.


Once you have selected a mode for the video stream, the next step is to choose an audio source. In this case, you have many options – microphone, system audio, microphone + system audio combined or no audio at all. If you are using Firefox web browser, it cannot record the system audio in some instances.


As soon as you  move to the next step, your web browser will ask you permission for the RecordCast web app. You can choose whether you want the entire screen to be record, window of an application or only the website in focus. For the security reasons, Firefox advises against giving permission for the entire reason, but users can make their own decision.


You can stop the recording by clicking on the stop button. Once the recording is finished, it will be available for download in the MP4 video file format. You can also edit it before exporting as an MP4 file.


RecordCast is a quick and easy way to record the computer screen or parts of it along with the webcam. It is flexible when choosing the source of the video and audio streams. But it seems to work better with Google Chrome or Opera.

You can visit RecordCast at

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