IceArchiver : Store Backups on Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure

If you are making backup of some of your very important files then you should make the backup on cloud storage. And if there are too many files in the order of multiple gigabytes then you should pick a cloud storage that offers very large storage space. Furthermore, if you are going to make very frequent backups then you should choose professional cloud services like Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Windows’ users can use IceArchiver to store their backups on these cloud storage servers. It helps you create differential, incremental and full backups on the aforementioned cloud storage services. It is useful for the people who find configuring or using these cloud services as sometimes they are not so easy to setup and configure. Using IceArchiver you can instantly create backups without having to go through any complicated configuration.


IceArchiver makes it easy to create backup tasks. It takes you through a wizard like user interface which takes you many steps and helps you with full explanation as well as examples. For the new backup tasks, you can include not only the files that you have stored personally, but also various other things such a browser profiles, Office profiles, media player settings, database configurations, email messages and login details, and more.


Once a backup task has been created, you can visit the profile tab in IceArchiver and click on the Run button next to one of these tasks. It will immediately connect to the selected cloud storage service and run the backup task as it has been configured by the user.


For the backup archives, you can chooser either 7z or Zip file formats. It supports high grade AES encryption so that your backups on the cloud stay protected. File can be recovered from the backups easily through the IceArchiver user interface in a similar manner.

You can download IceArchiver from