StrokeIt : Mouse Gesture Software for Windows

StrokeIt is a mouse gesture control software for Windows. Using StrokeIt you can create mouse gestures and associate them with various actions. According to the developer of the StrokeIt software, mouse gestures are simple symbols that you draw on your screen using your mouse. When you make a mouse gesture, StrokeIt can recognize and tell it apart from all the other mouse gestures configured by the user. When StrokeIt recognizes a gesture made by the user, it takes an action and runs a command that is associated with that mouse gesture.

StrokeIt has a user interface where you can define both the mouse gestures and the commands that are run with those gestures. You can choose various applications and the actions usually taken in those programs from the left side. On the right side, you can define the gesture and the command for those actions. For example, you can choose Google Chrome web browser from the left side and choose the action Close Tab. Then on the right side you can either pick one of the gestures from the drop-down list or click on the Add gesture button to draw a new gesture.


StrokeIt supports not only various operations for the Windows operating system, but also many actions for third-party software such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Adobe Photoshop and more. In its settings, you can define which mouse button should be used to draw the gestures. By default, and a very good choice is the right mouse button. You have to draw these gestures on your screen when holding down the right-mouse button. As you draw a mouse gesture, it displays the gesture drawn on your screen color of which can be selected in the StrokeIt settings.


StrokeIt is a small but advanced mouse gesture control software. We tested it on a Windows 10 64-bit PC and it ran without any problems. It consumed very little memory resources an negligible processor power.

You can download StrokeIt from